How it Works

What’s So Special?

A license plate frame is a license plate frame, right?  Not quite!, the TagArmur carbon fiber license plate frame differs in its unique two-piece design that allows all of the bolts to be hidden, giving a super clean look.  We don’t use fake carbon fiber, this is the real stuff!


How Does it Work?

Installation is quick and easy!  You first mount your license plate to the car using the mounting frame.  Once that’s installed, you can simply pop the carbon fiber frame over top, which is secured with four tabs.  If you ever need to remove the frame, use the included removal tool.  The carbon fiber frame includes a polycarbonate clear window to keep your license plate extra clean (check your local laws concerning the use of a clear window).  If you prefer not to have a clear window, it can be removed (See FAQ below for details).

Diagram showing how the TagArmur frame works

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I remove the clear window?

Looking at the back of the carbon fiber part of the license plate frame, you’ll see an adhesive on the back side of the polycarbonate window.  Take a blow dryer and start applying heat where the adhesive is, which will help soften it up.  From the underside of the frame, push the window up from a heated up corner.  With enough force, the window will pop up in that corner and you can then pry out the rest of it until it is removed.

Does it fit all vehicles?

No, the TagArmur license plate frame needs at least 1/4″ clearance around the license plate for proper fitment.  We’ve seen issues on some vehicles like Audi’s with a rearview camera, so be sure to measure beforehand.

Do you have frames for non-US vehicles or even motorycles?

Not yet!